Kirchenbrand - Vermächtnis LP

Product no.: TR040-LP

Kirchenbrand - Vermächtnis

limited golden vinyl edition, limited and handnumbered to 300 copies

On the occasion of their 15th anniversary, Christcrusher has given the Kirchenbrand army the strongest album in the band's history with "Vermächtnis" (Legacy). Eight brand new hate songs, which couldn't be more catchy and hateful and perfectly span the arc from the early days to the present of the band roll over the listener with unimagined force. Vermächtnis sounds extremely powerful, mangy, raw and brutal. Nevertheless, one catchy tune follows the next and you can't get even the sickest songs out of your head. The new album is truly the essence of Kirchenbrand and an absolute must-buy for every fan of honest hard sounds.

Here, real serial killer carnage stands next to system criticism and once again the mirror is held up to the disgusting world and the battle axe is struck into the gaping wound of the world. The new album is lived contempt for humanity and, due to its authenticity, stands out pleasantly from the mass of pretentious releases. Despite massive headwinds, Kirchenbrand sound fresher, more motivated and more determined than ever after 15 years of hatred of mankind set to music and have now set a monument to themselves with Vermächtnis. Extremely cool and lasting work by an extraordinary one-man band!


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Kirchenbrand - Vermächtnis LP